Grow Your Advocacy:  Advance Your Cause... While Improving Your Self-Care!
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Introduction to Grow Your Advocacy...
Do More For Your Cause with...
 Advanced Grow Your Advocacy!
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Advanced Grow Your Advocacy...
Teaches You How To:
  • GROW with people you know (Level 301)
  •  MULTIPLY with your leadership (Level 401) and 
  •  CHAMPION your cause to the public (Level 501).     
Three 20-Minute Presentations...
Come Complete With Useful Exercises and Session Checklists:
  •  Week 1:  Teaches you how to easily increase your influence within your existing contacts.
  •  Week 2:  Shows you how to expand beyond your personal "footprint", and explains how to know when you are ready to take on greater responsibility. 
  •  Week 3:  Culminates the exercises and examples, to help you understand the focus and dedication it requires to successfully take on the highest level of leadership!
Advanced Grow Your Advocacy...
Helps You:
  • Determine When To Move Up To The Next Level:  Quickly see what success looks like at each Level, so you can decide when to accept an "opportunity" and when to pass on one.
  •  Avoid Skipping A Critical Level: Effortlessly look at your activities and the roles of others within the Levels of the GYA framework!
  •  Find Mentors and Role Models, and Become A Mentor and Role Model: Become well-versed in talking about your cause, campaign or organization to any person or audience.
What People Are Saying...
"This Course Really Worked For Me!"
The Advanced Grow Your Advocacy course helped me move into a leadership role, without spending more time or energy.  I never thought it could be this seamless, to weave a greater level of advocacy into my life!  Refreshing!
Suzanne, 36 - St. Paul, MN
"Built My Confidence!"
I learned how to approach people about our cause in a way that makes it easy for them to say "yes" or "no thanks".  Some people even change their minds later, and end up being our biggest supporters!  I could not have done it without this Course!
Lisa, 27 - San Diego, CA
"Helped Us Reasses"
The exercises and homework were so useful in taking a look at our level of involvement in all areas of our life.  We were able to re-prioritize and get a lot more efficient.  It feels like we are contributing so much more, with more free time, and still having fun!
Irma and James, 80 - Tampa, FL
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