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Your Custom Advocacy Chart...
  • Is A Roadmap Of All Your Activities:  Quickly shows you where your time and energy is being spent, and helps you decide what to start doing more of, or do less of, to be more effective and have more fun.
  •  Is Laid Out Using the 5 Levels taught in Couch To 5A: Shows which Levels your activities fall under, to easily see if you're about to skip a Level, or are ready to move up a Level.
  •  Is Easy For You To Update:  Effortlessly identify if an activity supports one of your 8 Self-Care Categories!  You'll start re-assessing your activities to do ones that are more energizing.
It was an emotional experience, to see my life and my choices laid out on paper.  It really helped me see where I was short-changing myself.  When I did another charting session 6 months later, I could see so many positive shifts I've made, because now I think how they'll fit in the bigger picture!
Suzanne, 36 - St. Paul, MN
I was feeling overwhelmed by so many family and professional obligations.  My Custom Advocacy Chart gives me rationale for saying "no thank you" to what doesn't fit in my life, even when others think it seems like an opportunity.  It strengthens my resolve when I say "yes".  
Celeste, 25 - Washington, DC
"So Comforting!"
I feel like my life is now created by design instead of by default!
Lisa, 41 - Portland, OR
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