Grow Your Advocacy:  Advance Your Cause... While Improving Your Self-Care!
Stay Energized and Get Focused with...
 Introduction to Grow Your Advocacy!
Let's Get Growing!
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Introduction to Grow Your Advocacy...
Teaches You How To:
  • PROTECT yourself with self-care (Level 101) and 
  • NURTURE yourself with like-minded people (Level 201).     
Three 30-Minute Presentations...
Come Complete With Useful Exercises and Session Checklists:
  •  Week 1:  Is an overview, including the difference between activism and advocacy, the Custom Advocacy Chart, and an introduction to the 8 Self-Care Categories.
  •  Week 2:  Is an in-depth look at the importance of the 8 Self-Care Categories, and explores your self-assessment of each of them. 
  •  Week 3:  Explains how to connect with like-minded people, giving you keys to success and common pitfalls to avoid, including many examples!
Introduction to Grow Your Advocacy...
Helps You:
  • Determine Your Starting Point:  So you can decide where you would like to grow - and discover where you'll want to spend more time and attention!
  •  Connect With Others: Spending time with those who are just as enthusiastic about your favorite cause, campaign or organization - effortlessly learning more about it!
  •  Feel Prepared To Take Next Steps: Do exercises and see examples - giving you a proactive approach to each week, for months ahead!
Lainey Frydrych created Grow Your Advocacy following the 2016 Presidential election.  
She wanted to get more people involved to "change the world for good".  

She didn't want to be angry, she wanted to be effective!  
And have more fun!  
And teach others to do the same.  

She blended her expertise from a 27-year banking career and 7 years of vegan advocacy to create product offerings to help everyone "get growing"!
"A breath of fresh air!"
I am now meeting a whole lot of wonderful people who have restored my faith in caring for our environment!
Marie, 31 -Seattle, WA 
"People power!"
All of us together, changing a community for the better!  Second best thing is getting to know so many new -- and fabulous -- friends both in my area and across the state!  Introduction to Grow Your Advocacy has been an introduction to a new way of engaging the world around me!
Dolores, 55 - Atlanta, GA
"I have a new perspective!"
I have learned so much more being behind the scenes than what you read in the news, about the complex issues and how people are working towards a solution!
Miguel, 40 - Miami, FL
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