Grow Your Advocacy:  Advance Your Cause... While Improving Your Self-Care!
Self-Care Notepad
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Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First...
At Grow Your Advocacy, we teach people how to get involved without getting overwhelmed, and the first step is always self-care!  

This weekly notepad will help you do just that!  

It has space for you to write an activity for each of the 8 Self-Care categories that you'd like to do that week.  
  •  Portable: Put this week's page wherever you can see it during the day - as a friendly reminder!
  •  Consistent: Copy activities from the previous week, or try new ones - discover which activities you enjoy the most!
  •  Easy Reference:  Start doing any one of the activities to quickly feel better - even when you feel "burned out"!
Lainey Frydrych created Grow Your Advocacy following the 2016 Presidential election.  
She wanted to get more people involved to "change the world for good".  

She didn't want to be angry, she wanted to be effective!  
And have more fun!  
And teach others to do the same.  

She blended her expertise from a 27-year banking career and 7 years of vegan advocacy to create product offerings to help everyone "get growing"!
  What People Are Saying:
"I Enjoy Using This Notepad!"
It helps me keep things in perspective!  I have learned that it's ok - and healthy - to have boundaries.  By writing down this information I am able to remember to take better care of myself!
Maja, 37 - Detroit, MI
"Makes My Choices More Conscious!"
It gives me an increased awareness:  both of those areas that are being overlooked, as well as an acknowledgement of those areas that are actually receiving attention!  This leads to more overall balance and a feeling of spaciousness!
Lori, 41 - Clarkston, MI
"It's A Life Saver! 
I'm So Thankful!"
It seems like a simple little notepad, but it really keeps self-care at the front of my mind!  It gives me permission to say yes to what energizes me and resolve to say no to situations that don't fit!
Susan, 45 - Ortonville, MI
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